Aww, it's my kids.You’ll probably find this very boring, but I’m a Mom.
My charming Ryan. My sweet Jimmy.

RYAN, my oldest son, is now 39 years old. He did a ten-year stint as a Navy SEAL, on SEAL Team One in San Diego. Oh dear. He has spent time in some pretty scary places (scary for a Mom) but is home now, recently quit teaching BUDs. He's an entrepreneur and has developed and sold several businesses, including (hard wear for hard people), opened and sold a CrossFit gym,, designed the first ergonomic and artful kettlebells,, and now runs He let me drive his Lamborghini at a hundred miles an hour. I LOVED it.


JIMMY, my younger son, is 35 years old. He has a degree in printmaking from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and creates stunning works of art. He was working full-time as a web developer, but moved to Japan more than six years ago and is becoming fluent in Japanese. He is an amazing photographer (really, that's not just Mom speaking), sings and plays music in a rock band, loves karaoke, coaches a girls' rowing team, and is on a Japanese rowing team.


SCARLETT, my youngest child, is 31 years old. She got a degree in Massage Therapy, then went to study at a university in Istanbul (comparative literature and linguistics), but returned home, in love, and has my adorable granddaughter Hero with her sweet heart Matt. She's back in school and living across town from me so I get to be Grandma to My Hero! My favorite thing!