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In September, 1999, Url's Internet Cafe held the second in a series of hands-on computer graphics workshops at the cafe's World Headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Future workshops will be posted in the Classroom.
Painter Creativity:
Artistic Expression and Impression on the Digital Canvas
A workshop featuring Jeremy Sutton, award-winning digital artist


This was the plan and the schedule, as advertised:
In this workshop you will learn how to master and creatively apply the incredibly powerful and diverse brushes and art materials offered within MetaCreations Painter 5.5 WE (Web Edition). The focus is on practical issues, not just what different features do or where to find specific tools. You will learn to use a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet, to apply Painter in an enjoyable and efficient way that empowers and develops your creativity.

There will be considerable personal attention for each student in a relaxed and friendly setting. Each student will be working on a Macintosh computer equipped with a Wacom graphics tablet. No prior experience of Painter is necessary. If you are already a Painter user you may still find this a useful class. Students should be familiar with using a Macintosh computer (although we do have a PC and one of our students was PC-enabled). Students should bring a Zip cartridge for back-up.

Getting to know your tools

Introductory Demo
Jeremy will create a live portrait, showing the way he customizes Painter, the way he selects and applies brushes, the way he chooses color, and the way he approaches creativity and expression using digital tools. He also will show how recording a script can open up unlimited possibilities for working with your creative process.

Setting up Painter and the Wacom tablet
Introduction to Painter interface
Saving palette layouts
Opening and saving files
Strategies for making the most of Painter
Basics of painting
Accessing, controlling and applying brushes
Customizing brushes and saving variants

Art Materials
Using the Color Selector
Working with texture, gradations and patterns
Capturing textures and patterns
Cleaning up Painters libraries

Recording and replaying scripts

Palette Customization
Using the Shortcuts custom palette
Loading Extra Brushes
Creating customized brush icons & libraries (using Brush Mover)
Saving commands

Applying your tools creatively

Determining canvas size
Creating backgrounds
Previsualizing your image
Compositional decisions
Your first stroke

Expression and Impression
Defining form through line and tone
Color contrasts
Exaggerating contrasts
Selective focus
Wild chaos to harmonic balance and order

Final Touches
Adding borders
Preparing for printing
Preparing for the web
Archive and documentation
Output examples