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Url being like Mike

I tried to Be Like Mike but something intangible was missing. Adios MJ.

Cynical as I may be about professional athletes, Michael Jordon was the only reason I ever started watching the NBA. Like many psuedo-basketball fans, I only watched playoff games and the two deciding factors that determined whether or not I bothered to watch a playoff game were (1) Is Jordon playing? and (2) am I curious about which of these two teams are going to eventually have to face Jordon in the playoffs?

For me, and a lot of other rats I know, the league should have been re-named the MJBA. But, now that Michael's gone I'm throwing all my fan loyalty to Dennis Rodman. He's really more my type, he'd make a great rat, and I think he's really on to something with the multi-colored hair thing.

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