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Sports News and Commentary, from a Ratz-eye view. Url is uniquely qualified to observe overpaid, spoiled professional athletes, considering his own substantial experience as a disgusting, narcissistic, athletic rodent.

Commentary by Url Ratz:
I never said the New Mexico Lobos would go all the way. I never ever said "that team" was good enough to get to the Final Four. Not ever. Never. Not once.

Twice, maybe. But not once. Awright, awready. I did say that God was on the side of the Lobos, but in my heart I knew they wouldn't make it past the second round. Although they might have if their coach had been thinking about the game instead of the three million dollars that Baylor was getting ready to offer him. I wonder how many professors and instructors at Bayor have been filling out bureaucratic red tape paper work and lobbying for a raise, only to be told there's no money in the budget.

Michigan State's Mateen McLeaves reacts after hearing Url's NCAA Tournament comments.

But I will agree on one thing. If he can turn the Baylor program into a winner in his lifetime, he is worth 3 million dollars.

Even if it's later proven that I predicted a Lobo-Michigan State matchup in the finals, that still means I was 50 percent right and that's not bad at all. From this point on, I predict easy sailing for the Michigan State guys. They're pants are as baggy as any of the other Final Four teams and Mateen McLeaves is a happy lookin' guy. The championship should go to a college team that has a college-sounding name -- Michigan State. Now that sounds like a college team! UConn? What's that -- a territory north of Canada? And Duke? Is some member of the Royal Family going to play one-on-five against the Americans?

Don't worry Mateen. Congratulations in advance. By the time you cut that net down, all the Dukes and the Yukons will have showered and headed for the bus.

Url's last minute comments, made on the eve of the NCAA Championship Game:
Duke, you the man. I was just trying to take some pressure off of you. And U2 UConn. Great school names. Love 'em. I'm going to name my first two kids Duke and Husky. I'm with you guys all the way. When the games over, I'll tell you who I thought would win.