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Url's early-March prediction proved to be a little off target.

Url is a victim of March Madness.
Read on and you'll agree.

I've been known to go for the long-shot before but this time I'm breaking new ground. I predict that the New Mexico Lobos will meet and defeat Michigan State in the NCAA Basketball Championship Game.

Michigan State's Mateen-somebody shows fear and dread of playing the New Mexico Lobos as he dribbles past Illinois defenders in the Big Ten Championship Game.

Laugh all you want. You obviously didn't see the Lobos get beat by just 15 points in the WAC Championship game. You've got to be pretty darn good to shoot just 25 percent, have three of your best players on the bench with injuries, and still lose by only 15 points.

Everyone knows that you need a little bit of luck to win any championship. Just the fact that the Lobos got invited to the Big Dance, with a mediocre record against the softest schedule in the entire country, proves beyond any doubt that this team is one rip-roarin' lucky team. Even with their star player available, the Lobos got beat by the Hawaiian Rainbows earlier this year. The Rainbows are still partying and roasting pigs on the beach over that one. Oh, by the way, the Rainbows didn't have but one or two chances to celebrate after games this year. My point is this: How the heck did the Lobos get invited to the Big Dance? Simple. God wants them to win. And He keeps giving them chances to win, even when they blow it.

So why do I think they'll be playing Number Two ranked Michigan State and not Number One ranked Duke? Mainly because the Dukes are the "Blue Devils" and God will probably see to it that they get what's coming to them before they make it to the finals. Since Duke won't be there, Michigan State is the next best team and Marteen seems like a God-fearing kind of guy.

You heard it here first. Remember, you don't get this kind of analysis anywhere else. Til tipoff, this is Url, hangin' below the rim (waaaay below).