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Commentary by Url Ratz:

The Broncos are Contiguous United States Champions
Congratulations Broncos. Nice try on the "World Champion" moniker, but we all know that you didn't have to face the Canadian or European teams in the playoffs. Congrats anyway.

In all the hype there was one guy who made Super Bowl Week halfway interesting: Shannon Sharpe. You gotta admire him for trying to liven up the party, especially after Dan Reeves and Mike Shanahan decided not to rant about how much they hate each other. Oh how I wish Andy Kaufman were alive and an NFL coach. Remember when he took on professional wrestling and outdid its outrageous hype? I can picture it now . . . Coach Kaufman of the Broncos at a Super Bowl press conference: "We're gonna win. Because the Atlanta coach was fired from the Broncos. And I've beat much better teams than the Falcons. As a matter of fact, we'll play the game with one hand tied behind our back and a dead falcon stuffed in our face masks."

I predict another twenty-year collapse of the Atlanta Falcons. It's not that I dislike them. They've got a good looking helmet. But they're coached by a guy who couldn't win a Super Bowl even if he had John Elway on his side. Oh yeah, I forgot. He did have Elway on his side three times and lost each time. I, Url Ratz, could win a Super Bowl if we had to choose up sides and I got to choose first . . . I choose the blond kid with the big teeth and the gorilla arm. So what's the difference between the Elway that lost three Super Bowls and the Elway that won two Super Bowls? In the three that he lost he was a young, strong, fast, mobile superstud being coached by Dan Reeves. In the other two he was an old, slow, banged up superstud not being coached by Dan Reeves. How obvious can it get? I may not be a football coaching genius, but most NFL coaches aren't either. But that doesn't stop owners of losing teams from offering them great paying jobs after they've been fired from another organization for being incompetent. Of course, being fired from one organization in the NFL doesn't mean you'll be offered less than a million a year to screw up some other organization. Heck, considering the fact that in the NFL, felonies don't matter that much, it's no surprise that honest, well-intentioned failures don't even register on the employment scale.

Instead of taking the risk that this might start to sound like sour grapes, I'll just say congratulations to the Broncos and "nice try" to the Falcons. And don't worry Atlanta. A couple of years down the Elway-less road, the Broncos will fire Shanahan again and you can hire him.

Response from Browser NetHound:
Have you no shame?
Did it ever occur to you that maybe Dan Reeves is one of the reasons the Falcons made it to the Super Bowl? And that maybe he's a good person with a family that cares about him? Do you think you know who he is or what kind of coach he is because you saw one or two close-ups of him on the sidelines?

The way you spout off, you'd think Elway had won every game he played, except for the one's coached by Reeves. You can be the best (or the worst) coach in the world and when Sunday comes it doesn't matter because the players either succeed or fail and you never know if its because of you or in spite of you. After Sunday's game, Dan Reeves had the class to say that the Broncos had a lot to do with the Falcons not playing up to their ability. Rather than saying "we had a bad day or we would have beaten them," he gave them credit for causing their losing performance.

I'd suggest you do a little soul searching and think about whether or not you should publicly apolgize to Dan Reeves (even though he'll never know you even exist) if I thought you had a soul to search. If I see you in the cafe, don't bother saying hi.

Response from Url, addressing Browser's comments:
Sorry Dan. I apologize. Go Falcons.

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