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Url scorning Seminoles

Url's rude and smart-mouthed, tacky comments to the Florida State Seminoles after the Tennessee Volunteers won the National Championship

National Champion! I scorn you, scurvy companion. What! you poor, base, rascally, cheating, lack-linen mate! Away, you mouldy rogue, away! I am meat for your master. Away, you cut-purse rascal! You filthy bung, away! by this swine I'll thrust my knife in your mouldy chaps, an you play the saucy cuttle with me. Away, you bottle-ale rascal! you basket-hilt stale juggler, you! Since when, I pray you, sir? God's light, with two points on your shoulder? much! National Champion! thou abominable damned cheater, art thou not ashamed to be called National Champion? An National Champions were of my mind, they would truncheon you out, for taking their names upon you before you have earned them. You a National Champion! you slave, for what? for tearing a poor whore's ruff in a bawdy-house? He a National Champion! hang him, rogue! he lives upon mouldy stewed prunes and dried cakes. A National Champion! God's light, these villians will make the word as odious as the word "occupy"; which was an excellent good word before it was ill sorted: therefore National Champions had need to look to't. For God's sake, thrust him down stairs; I cannot endure such a fustian rascal.

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