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Robert Burns Supper
2. To the Haggis!

If you have a Burns Supper, it's absolutely critical that you serve haggis, a tradional Scottish dish made from lamb heart and lungs among other things. And it's traditionally cooked in a sheep's stomach. If you cook your own haggis, make sure the sheep's windpipe hangs over the edge of the pot. I thought our haggis was very tasty, but then, I was drinking more Scotch than usual.

After a few welcoming words, the meal commences with the Selkirk Grace, written by Burns. Then everyone stands to "receive the haggis." A piper leads the chef with the haggis to the table as the guests accompany the piper with a slow handclap. The chairperson (or appointed guest) then recites Burn's famous poem To A Haggis, and everyone stands to toast the haggis with Scotch whiskey. If that doesn't make you a Burns fan, nothing will. Especially when the performance of To A Haggis is as inspired as the one my friend Ross gave this particular evening.

Now that I'm sober ... oops, I mean now that I'm home again, I'm craving some more of that "haggis warm reeking, rich wi' Champit Tatties, Bashed Neeps."

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To the Haggis
2. To the Haggis
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