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The Coffee Bar is where Url spills his guts about his adventures, his loves, and his pathetic life.

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Url the bartender
Url Ratz
Url Ratz
Url Ratz

On a recent trip to Kentucky for a Robert Burns Supper, cafe executive Robin W. and Url stopped by radio station WUKY in Lexington to be guests on the Curtains@8! show. Url wasn't allowed to talk, but he had his digital camera with him as DJ Nick Lawrence conducted Robin's Radio Interview.

Url tagged along with Robin to Las Vegas, Nevada, and reports on the Las Vegas Cab Line Incident.

In his quest to bring original content to the Cafe web site, Url has outdone himself by stowing away on a cruise ship. If you've been thinking about a cruise, click over to Url's Carribbean Cruise Photo Album. You just don't get stuff like this on other web sites.

The Luddite Lounge is featuring Hombre Url's Wild West Adventures, including:
Url's Chaco Canyon Trip explores ancient Indian ruins in New Mexico (and more).
Bad Night at El Farol documents
how Hombre Url can get into trouble, even in one of Santa Fe's most popular restaurants/saloons.
Url's Movie Ranch Visit: Url gives his version of his visit to Eaves Movie Ranch.

The Art Gallery features art by Url and his friends. Exhibit 5 is being displayed now. See former exhibits in the gallery Archives.

Cafe Exclusive!
Url In Search of Kiki's Paris
Url has developed an obsession for Kiki, the legendary Paris model who became known as the Queen of Montparnasse between 1900 and 1930. Montparnasse is one of the sections of Paris that became known as an artist's community. Url traveled to Paris, desperately searching for his beloved Kiki.

Share Url's search in this Cafe Exclusive:
Url's Paris Memoirs.

KiKiAlso: share Url's Fantasy

The Sportz Bar is where Url puts his biased, uninformed, worthless opinions and comments about the world of sports.

The Rest Roomz are a mess again and we've documented all the past graffiti in the RestRoomz archives.