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Bad Night at El Farol

On Santa Fe's historic East Side is a restaurant/saloon called El Farol (the lantern). Locals come here for the food, the atmosphere, and the celebrity sightings. These sightings include movie stars, politicians, Internet rodents, and (as was the case this particular night) desperados.

Alabama Jim Be careful who you git friendly with here in Santa Fe. Sometimes desperados hang out on Canyon Road at the local waterin' holes. I spotted this one at El Farol. Claimed he came from Chicago. Yeah, right. I've been to Chicago and there ain't nobody there this mean and nasty lookin'. This could only be Georgia Jim.
Couple from DallasThis particular night the bars on Canyon Road are crawlin' with dangerous gunslingers. This gunslinger, known as "Dallas" here on Canyon Road, is from Texas. He and his gal friend were enjoyin' their dinner 'til I started takin' pictures and tellin' em 'bout my dang website. Luckily (for me), Texas outlaws are friendly types.
Robin & DonRobin (left) and I invited Georgia Jim and his sidekick, Illinois Don (right), to join us for dinner. The way Illinois Don was slammin' back the Margaritas, you'da thought he'd just rode in from Chicago on a three-legged horse. I was keepin' up with him, drink for drink. I said something tacky about the Chicago Cubs. Illinois Don said he usually didn't drink with rodents. Then it started getting nasty.
El FarolInsults flew back an' forth between me and Illinois Don.He grabbed me, turned me upside down, and used me to sponge out his glass. I did the only thing I could. I started screaming for help. "Dallas! Hep me Dallas! Hep me!"
El FarolDallas heard me. Unfortunately, he doesn't usually drink with rodents either. I got a free arial tour of the front porch, courtesy of Dallas, Illinois Don, and Georgia Jim.
Alabama JimThere was a change in Georgia Jim that night. The sight of me being used as a sponge was so pathetic that he decided he couldn't stand the thought of violence ever again. Things like this happen almost every night on Canyon Road.
RobinAfter I sobered up, I realized they were just kiddin' around and I went back inside to apologize. They gave me a big hug. It's nice to be considered one of the guys, but I stayed pretty close to a dancehall girl the rest of the night.