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Lilac LudditeHi. My name is Lilac.

It used to be Hilda but a wise Native American Medicine Man told me it was really Lilac so I changed it that same day. Some people think I'm, like, weird or something because I had no proof that he was a Medicine Man. But when you're extra-sensitive you can pick up on those things. And even though he had a beard, I sensed something in his gait--the proud way he pushed his shopping cart across the street. He also told me I was three-fourths Cherokee. I was flabergasted. My family had never said anything about being Cherokee! I suppose they feared being discriminated against, having just immigrated from Norway. I believe in forgiveness, and harmlessness, so I've dropped the matter and never bring it up when I'm at the family reunions, even though my brothers Tor and Henrik have a suspicious loyalty to the Cleveland Indians and the Washington Redskins. But enough of that. As long as you understand that I'm a really highly evolved soul, free of the bondage of ego. OK? Gooood.

I believe that some people who visit the cafe could just gag with the constant fawning over computers, e-mail and wwww, or whatever all that silly stuff is. Well, I'm going to, like, make this small part of the Cafe a haven for computer-phobes and luddites and everyone who agrees with me that this computer thing is just a fad. I'm going to burn smudge sticks and cleanse this room of evil digital spirits. Go ahead. Laugh all you want--I get them from someone who's, like, way more advanced than most people, except maybe me.

I forgot to mention that my full name is Morning Dew Upon the Lilac--but we're all family here. You may call me Lilac.

Peace and back to the Luddite Lounge. . .