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You may not realize that Santa Fe, New Mexico ranks right up there with Paris, Rome, and Egypt when it comes to obelisks.

This monument sits in the middle of downtown Santa Fe, in the center of the Plaza.

Some people think it's ugly.

"Ugly" is such a negative word.

I prefer to think of it as Santa Fe monument design at its best.

OK, so what if it's not as awe-inspiring as the 3,000 year old obelisk of Place de la Concorde in Paris, or the Trajan Column in Rome. It's still a freakin' obelisk, darnit.

The inscription reads: "To the heroes who have fallen in various battles with savage Indians in the Territory of New Mexico."

The Native Americans here seem to think that "savage" pretty accurately describes the other guys. In an effort to show a little sensitivity, the word "savages" has been discretely chiseled away.

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