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Url's Paris Memoirs:

I've read that you not only charmed everyone with your racy stories and songs, but that you also painted portraits and landscapes, performed risque songs at the Jockey (an artists' night club) and acted in eight films. You posed for countless paintings and photographs. Some of those photographs were pretty saucy. They say you were a free soul, that you did and said whatever you pleased. You wrote your memoirs when you were just 28 years old and they became world famous.

I'm just a simple rat. But I dig you.

Url Ratz

Paris has two or three cafes per building. Paris has lots of buildings. So I decided not to continue my search for Kiki in the cafes. I did however, hire an architect to draw up plans for my own Paris cafe. Construction begins this summer at the intersection of boulevard du Montparnasse and Avenue des Champs Elysees. A very high-traffic area. You can find it on any map.

The quest continues:
The Arc de Triomphe
Eiffel Tower

Url's Paris Paintings
Url's Paris Photos