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Url's Paris Memoirs:
Eiffel Tower

Kiki darling,
Besides you, the Eiffel Tower must be the greatest symbol of Paris so far.
And the amazing thing is, you can actually buy little scale models of it from fine arts craftsmen almost anywhere in Paris. But wait, that's not all. You can buy fluffy, stuffed Eiffel towers with smiley faces on them!

I heard rumors that a Texas oil millionaire wanted to have the tower dismantled and shipped to the Texas panhandle. The French wouldn't cooperate but I think they might have changed their minds if they could've visualized what that thang would look like, standin' thar in the smack-dab middle of Muleshoe. Yessiree, it's a nice addition to any skyline.

Url Ratz

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A view of the Eiffel tower from the Pont d' lena, one of 36 Paris bridges that cross the Seine river. The sign says "J - 293." That means 293 days until the year 2000. Either the Parisians are really worried about Y2K or they're really getting ready for a party.