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A Robert Burns Supper
Url's documentation of a special trip to Kentucky to attend a 200 year-old ritual, a Robert Burns Supper.

Robin Goes Hat Shoppin'
It's no secret that Robin loves hats and Url caught her red-handed with his digital camera. You can see some of her collection on her personal site.

Robin's WUKY Radio Interview pictorial
No audio, but a few pictures came through OK.

The Las Vegas Cab Line Incident
Url followed Robin to Las Vegas, Nevada and reports on a potentially ugly scene outside the Paris Casino

Has email turned you into a Junk-Mailer?
Find out by reading Url's email Tips

Url in Paris !
After taking his sketchpad and digital painting tools to Paris, Url continues to obsess over Kiki, the Queen of Montparnasse. Pity him as you browse through Url's Paris Memoirs.