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Url Ratz
Chief Executive Rodent


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Url Ratz
Browser NetHound



What kind of rat is Url Ratz?

He's just a rat like any other rat . . . only more so.

The self-appointed patron saint of the Internet, Url realized several years ago that other lying rodents just like himself were using the Internet to proclaim themselves as experts and judges of what was cool, good, and bad, on the Internet. One or two of these self-proclaimed hot-shots can actually walk-the-walk. Most of the rest of them make Url's claim look legitimate.

Url struggles to hide the jealousy, envy, and disgust that threatens to destroy him. The target of all this negativity? Just about everyone and everything, but mostly lame comic strips, spoiled sports superstars, and other rodents who made it big (Micky, Mighty... you know who they are).

He quotes Shakespeare a little more often than you'd expect a rat to quote Shakespeare. And, since it can be documented that rats were living in England at the time of Shakespeare, its very possible that one of Url's distant relatives actually wrote the plays and sonnets attributed to Shakespeare.

Uncomfirmed rumors are that one of Url's famous ancestors was the Earl of Url in Queen Elizabeth's court, circa 1590. The Earl of Url suggested that the Queen appoint uniformed subjects to travel around the world looking for gold and silver to fill the Kingdom's coffers. He concluded that these subjects should be called Uniformed Resources Locaters. He was beheaded . . . still a sore point with our own Url Ratz and most likely a contributing factor to his paranoia.